Are you in search of Air Bubble Sheet in Hyderabad? If yes, than you are at the right place. 

We Rangoli Eps Pvt Ltd are one of the most trusted and leading air bubble sheet manufacturer in India and specially known in Hyderabad. If you are from Hyderabad and often buy Air Bubble Sheet than you definitely know us with the brand name “Rangoli”.

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Let us introduce our self, We the group of Rangoli Eps Pvt Ltd are well known as Manufacturer of Air Bubble Sheet in Hyderabad. We are offering a wide range of air bubbles products like Air Bubble Sheet roll, Air Bubble Wrap, Air Bubble Pouch, Antistatic Air Bubble Roll, etc.

Now let us explain what is actually is Air Bubble Sheet.


We Rangoli Eps Pvt Ltd provides great packaging products with great protection to your goods at a very low price. Air bubble is a sheet of plastic containing bubbles of air which helps to provide protection to goods and prevent them from getting damaged, the other side of the sheet is flat. Our product is 100% recyclable and environmental friendly. It is a flexible material which can be used to cover any type of object of various size and shapes.


Air bubble is used in packaging of machinery, electronic items, auto mobile parts, products with sensitive surface, products sold by e-commerce store etc.

Packing your product in air bubble sheet provides you a great protection. Which directly helps you to build your good brand image and reduce the loss of your product. As we are the leading manufacturer of air bubble sheet in Hyderabad we would deliver product at your door at no delivery cost if the customer is from Hyderabad

why we are known as one of the best Air Bubble Sheet Manufacturer?

We believe in providing the best quality product in reasonable price. As we provide the best quality product we don’t think we have competitors in the market. We Rangoli Eps Pvt Ltd don’t compare with price or supply, the only thing we compete for is QUALITY. Unlike other manufacturers who only work for their profit by supplying low quality of product.

This is how Air Bubble Sheet we produce is unique

  • Our Air Bubble Sheet wrapping solutions are light in weight
  • Gives great protection to your goods
  • waterproof in nature
  • We are the well know and trusted manufacturing brand in Hyderabad
  • Recyclable product (100% environmental friendly) 
  • Best in working
  • Tear resistant
  • Safe to use
  • Flexible in nature


What are verities available in Air Bubble Sheet?

Air Bubble Sheet comes in different GSMs (Grams Per Square Meter). Industries which produce high value goods uses Air Bubble Sheet of higher protection for better protection.

Where is Air Bubble Sheet in Hyderabad mostly been used?

Air Bubble Sheet is used by almost every industry. It is used in packaging of goods produced by the industry. Our Air Bubble Sheet is been used by popular MNC’s like Dura Line. 

How is Air Bubble Sheet been priced?

Air Bubble Sheet is priced per unit KG

What is the normal height of an Air Bubble Sheet Roll?

Air Bubble Sheet Roll is usually 1000 Meters in height, however we also produce Air Bubble Sheet of 1500 Meters on customer requirement.

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