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Why use Thermocol Sheets?

Thermocol is also known as EPS (Expanded Polystyrene). Thermocol Sheets are mostly used for packaging and roof ceiling ‍because of its low thermal conductivity. Below are few advantages of using thermocol sheets.


  • Thermocol is one of the most affordable packing item to protect your goods from damage and outer temperature.
  • Thermocol Sheets are always very light in weight and provides great protection
  • You can take advantage of low thermal conductivity with thermocol sheets because of its closed cell structure
  • Thermocol Sheets are also great for its odourless and fungi resistance qualities 

Uses of Thermocol Sheets in Hyderbad

Thermocol products has various uses but, when specifically talking about thermocol sheets some of the most common uses are listed below.

  • Thermocol Sheets in Hyderabad are mostly used in packaging by manufacturing industries.
  • Because of low thermal conductivity thermocol is also used when building clod storages.
  • Used for decoration purpose and creating projects in school or colleges
  • Thermocol Sheets are also used in roof ceiling to maintain the temperature of the room.

Why Rangoli Thermocol? (or) Why choose our product?

You will find multiple number of brands and dealers dealing in Thermocol Sheets in Hyderabad, but are they all legit brands? Well instead of commenting on other brans we believe in improving ourselves. Below are some of the reason, why use Rangoli Thermocol

  • We are best in quality.
  • Rangoli is a well known brand and you can find our products easily all over Hyderabad.
  • We provide your test certificate, therefore you can ensure quality of our product.
  • Rangoli Eps Pvt Ltd have recruited skilled labour from who has good experience in EPS industry.

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